Truck, van, or bus donation!

I know cash is king and typically company assets go to auction, however, if your company is in a position where this is just an unneeded asset or just plain in your way, I was wondering if you would consider donating it to Community Outreach YEG?

We are a group of volunteers seeking our non-profit status who collect and deliver everything from food to furniture for families in need through the Greater Edmonton area.

With the many programs we offer trucks have been in big demand, in the past, we have relied on personal pickups to rental vehicles to be able to facilitate picking up the items and then providing delivery as mentioned many of our clients do not even own vehicles, so we try and provide this service the best we can. Therefore for 2024, our goal is to have an organization donate us a vehicle while we fundraise to ensure we can take over all expenses of operating it. (insurance, fuel, maintenance, etc.)

We are also looking to provide an opportunity for businesses to advertise on the side of the truck. How does this work, well I am glad you asked for $5,000.00/ yr?… You will have your logo prominently displayed on the side or rear of the truck as one of our sponsors. We will have a limited number each year available pending the size of truck we receive. We are hoping to keep signage to approx… 24” x 36”, However, the company or individual who donates the vehicle will have a much larger sign with a notice indicating “Donated by” above their logo.

We are not going to be specific on the type of truck other than a 1 ton or larger, it can be a Van (preferably tall roof), cube van, 3- Ton, or 5-Ton truck.

Our organization currently has not received our charity status (applied and waiting), but we partner with other organizations and we can provide a contact name at each group or business partner to verify who we are and our integrity in this ask, of your company.

Our five-year plan is much the same when it comes to sponsorship but the vehicle, we are seeking is significantly different, based on an idea that started in the U.K. and has been popping up around the world, Community Outreach YEG is preparing to convert a bus (Preferably Donated) into a mobile overnight warming shelter.

We would love to have a double-decker bus and convert both floors to allow for sleeping, shower, meals, and laundry facilities. Initially, this bus will be set up and designed to augment existing shelters on nights the weather is inclement enough the shelters have no more room, as well as to reach out to other areas in the GEA that may not have these shelters but have homeless in need.  Please note this could definitely be moved up in our schedule any time the bus is donated. We have volunteer carpenters, electricians, plumbers, and mechanics to make this a reality. We would run an additional fundraising campaign for the conversion supplies (again we would seek a partner(s)) Stay tuned for more details in the near future!

We really need your help! Here is how you can actually make a difference in thousands of people’s lives, in your local community.


As long as poverty, injustice & inequality persist, none of us can truly rest. It doesn’t take much to change a life, Get in touch today and start making the difference.